Tetrix™ Cream
Tetrix™ Cream PROTECTS against irritants and allergens
Tetrix™ Cream
Tetrix™ Cream
Tetrix™ Cream

Hand eczema—or flare-ups–can be frustrating for both you and your doctor. It can be a challenge to treat hand eczema effectively, particularly if you can't limit your exposure to irritants or allergens.

That's where Tetrix™ Cream can help. Tetrix™ Cream helps stop the cycle of recurrent hand eczema by protecting your hands against irritants and allergens.

Acts like a barrier

Tetrix™ Cream provides a barrier function that is proven to protect against irritants that can cause hand eczema.1 And Tetrix™ Cream is water resistant, so it continues to protect even after washing your hands with a mild soap and water.1

Another big plus is that Tetrix™ Cream reduces burning and itching associated with various skin conditions, or dermatoses.1

Not like over-the-counter products

Tetrix™ Cream is available only with a prescription and is formulated with ingredients that can help people with hand eczema. It can be used with topical medications if they are prescribed by your doctor, or it can be used alone once your symptoms have cleared, to protect against irritants and allergens that could cause a repeat flare-up. Since Tetrix™ Cream provides a barrier to protect the skin, be sure that Tetrix™ Cream is the last step in your regimen.

Other benefits of Tetrix™ Cream:

  • Absorbs quickly without any greasy residue
  • Non-irritating formulation is alcohol- and fragrance-free
  • Can be applied 2–3 times a day or as directed by your physician

If you have hand eczema, use your medications as directed by your doctor. Avoid known trigger substances if you can. And, give your hands the proven protection of Tetrix™ Cream to help keep them healthy.

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Tetrix™ Cream